Approaches to Rural Sustainability and Regeneration:
Dreams, Processes and Decision-Making



Submissions are invited from any discipline - sciences, humanities, regeneration practice, arts - which, within the overall theme of a temporal/spatial evolution of rural sustainability and regeneration, address the following:

Social inclusion/exclusion.

Power relations (e.g. between incomers/indigenous; public/private; individual/community).


Urban/rural relationship.

Distance, space and place.

Grass roots vs government development.


Community cohesion, based, for example, on history, culture, ideology, nostalgia.

Imagining sustainability.

Commodification, and protection, of 'nature' and the different values imposed by local, regional, national and global expectations.

Design processes: traditional vs innovative.


Programme delivery.

Please email submissions of no more than 300 words to Reuben Knutson ( by August 9th.